Recognition Dinner

January 25, 2019

First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood
5520 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood 77345

7:00 pm Gathering
7:30 pm Dinner and Festivities

The Recognition Dinner is an opportunity for a night of fellowship and great food as we acknowledge and thank our adult volunteers for the hard work and dedication that made this year incredibly successful. Flaming Arrow District’s outstanding leaders at the unit and district levels will also be recognized. All volunteers in Flaming Arrow District are invited!


The registration fee is $16.50 for the first Scouter and $15 for each additional Scouter. Register online with a credit card, electronic check or PayPal.  Council refund policyAfter 1/24/18, tickets are $18 and food is not guaranteed.


Award Nominations

Nominate Scouters who have served Flaming Arrow District youth above and beyond the call of duty. Paper nomination forms may be turned in at the December or January roundtable. Online nomination forms are due by January roundtable.

District Award of Merit 

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. It is not appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already received this award. A professional Scouter or other council employee may not receive this award based on employment service. However, a professional Scouter or employee who also serves as a volunteer Scouter may be eligible, based on volunteer service.

Online Nomination Form           Paper Nomination Form

Year     Recipients

2017 Brian Lamison | Doug Lance | Connie Oubre | Vickie VanGordon
2016 Billy Bartol | David Gower | Ed Tucker | Rick Weber
2015 Ashley Fort | Lisa Munoz | Felix Trujillo | Steve Williams
2014    John Carter  | Jose Maldonado | Darcie Knapschaefer | Mitzi Vaughn
2013 Steve Brovarone | Bill Vaughn | Terry Vaughn Jr. | 
2012 Robert Roy | Bill Mcmahon | Matthew Gordon | Jimmy Stegal
2011 Ladd Brehmer | Jeffry Hammonds | Jerry Kohler | Curtis Mcdonald
2010 David Godell | Bill Hunn | Jesse Smetherman | Alicia Wiren
2009 Cathy Sandeen | Garth Bragg | Jean Marie Lecanu | Margarita Padilla
2008 David Dawlearn | David Pupo | Ted Gabel | Joey Casto
2007 Matt Greer | Gene Hamilton | Alice Hamilton | Brian Claassen
2006 Carol Agnew | Carol Casto | Miles Dyess | Guy Sconzo
2005 Jayne Brandon | Glenda Fortner | Bill Carroll | Mark Campbell
2004 Acenith Claassen | Wesley Diehl | Harry Drew | Steve Kelly
2003 Alphie Wright | Katy Withers | Rodney Frye | Thomas Willows
2002 Darrell Call | Richard Rea | Peter Twidal | Sharon Wright
2001 Jerry Fochtman | Debra Harvey | Richard Kirkeeide | Debra Vaughn
2000 Dennis Mccleary | Tony Pagnotta | James Stevens | Joe Stoy
1999 Rick Carlson | Michael Carr | Joseph McElligott | Gregg Watts
1998 Jim Demasi | Joel Killingsworth | Kathleen White
1997 Gary Biddle | Marina Biddle | Donn Mcguire | Jenette Stoy
1996 Alma Chambers | Jeff Larochelle | Brad Schreiner
1995 Roy Kinkaid | John Maahs | Don Sampley
1994 Becky Davidson | Doug Huffman | John Walker
1993 Paul Eustace | Linda Huffman | Jim Millard
1992 Phil Durham | Brigitte Therivel | Cindy Wilhite
1991 Jim Mitchell | Phyllis Reavis | Ed Welling
1990 Dana Fleming | Roger Mosby | Walt Olenderski
1989 Sarah Durham | Randle Fleming | Ron Sunker
1988 Tom Donovan | B.J. Keefe | John Walger
1987 Becky Harriman | Lyn Reavis | Jamey Smith
1986 Laird Easley | Bill Mullener | Barbara Walker
1985 Stan Cable | Tom Hooper | Doug Walker
1984 Don Moore | Janet Wilson | Loal Wilson
1983 Bob Crawford | Rick Gamlin | Eric Zagge
1982 Brett Johnson | Nan Johnson | Dave Moser
1981 Al Smith | Jean Thompson | Edgar Thompson

Cecil Sampson Outstanding Scoutmaster Award

The Cecil Sampson Award is given annually to a Scoutmaster in the Flaming Arrow District who exhibits outstanding service to the youth in the role as Scoutmaster.

Online Nomination Form        Paper Nomination Form


Year     Recipients

2017 Scott deMasi
2016 Alicia McDonald
2015 Tony Krause
2014    Rick Dodgen
2013 Jerry Kohler
2012 David Dawlearn
2011 Steve Kelly
2010 Phil Elmer
2009 Ted Gabel
2008 Gary Rice
2007 Harry Drew
2006 Don Arnold
2005 Tom Willows
2004 Alphie Wright
2003 Scott Webster
2002 Wes Fish
2001 Wesley Diehl
2000 Gregg Watts
1999 Richard Kirkeeide
1998 Roy Kinkaid
1997 Richard Baker
1996 Gary Biddle
1995 Robert Love
1994 Donn Mcguire
1993 Faron Evans
1992 Rodney Douglas
1991 Ron Sunker
1990 Lyn Reavis
1989 Tom Hooper
1988 Roy Hearnsberger

Earlene Hunt Outstanding Den Leader Award

The Earlene Hunt Award is given annually to a Den Leader in the Flaming Arrow District who exhibits outstanding service to the youth in the role as den leader.

Online Nomination Form           Paper Nomination Form


Year     Recipients

2017 John Hallmark
2016 Kathleen Sison
2015 Becky Godell
2014    Angie Braun
2013 Stephanne Martin
2012 Jeff Mcfarland
2011 Alice Harmon
2010 Heather D'alessandro
2009 Stacy Samoya
2008 Jeff Hammonds
2007 Susan Sandlin
2006 Phil Elmer
2005 Greg Rashall
2004 Jamie Hall
2003 Marianne Meixell
2002 Alphie Wright
2001 Carol Casto
2000 Jerry Fochtman
1999 Edward Hunt
1998 Darlene Killingsworth
1997 Doug Walker
1996 Rick Carlson
1995 Sharon Crubaugh
1994 Ginger Roberston
1993 Marina Biddle
1992 Jenette Stoy
1991 Linda Huffman
1990 Ruth Sunker
1989 Cindy Wilhite
1988 Phyllis Reavis
1987 Ruthie Greenhaw
1986 Virginia Keasling
1985 B.J. Keefe

Outstanding Venturing Leadership Award

The Outstanding Venturing Leadership Award is given annually to a Venturing leader in the Flaming Arrow District who exhibits outstanding service to the youth in the role as Venturing.

Online Nomination Form           Paper Nomination Form


Year     Recipients

2017 Rick Weber
2016 Garth Bragg
2015 No Recipient
2014   Bill Hunn
2012 John Maahs
2011 David Gower
2010 Ron Sunker
2009 Jerry Fochtman
2008 Carol Agnew
2007 Mike Mulcahey
2006 Wesley Diehl

Phil Durham Outstanding Arrowman Award

The Phil Durham Award is given annually to an Order of the Arrow member in the Flaming Arrow District who exhibits outstanding service to the youth in the role as an Arrowman.

Nomination Form (coming soon)


Year     Recipients

2017 No Recipient
2016 Jake Trujillo
2015 Sean Lamison
2014 No Recipient
2013   Garrett Chapman
2012 Noah Dawlearn
2011 Jerry Kohler III
2010 Tommy Trombley
2009 Eric Whapham
2008 Joseph Rasmussen
2007 Christopher Claassen
2006 Joseph Fochtman
2005 Dustin Grabsch
2004 Shane Willows
2003 Gabriel Ashworth
2002 Jason Fochtman
2001 David Foster
1999 Paul Musachia
1998 Ryan Dugan
1997 Tim Martin

Flaming Arrow District Special Awards

The Flaming Arrow District gives out special awards for Scouts who exhibits outstanding service to the youth in the district.

Online Nomination Form          Paper Nomination Form






Flaming Arrow District Certificates of Merit 

Each unit in the Flaming Arrow District can nominate two Scouters for every 25 youth in their unit for the Certificate of Merit.  

Online Nomination Form        Paper Nomination Form







For questions, contact the District Dinner chair or district activities chair.